The Healthcare and Medical devices industry is undergoing a revolutionary transformation in the way solutions and devices are being formulated and developed.

Medical devices are becoming more connected than ever and remote patient monitoring with data analytics is becoming a norm. It is imperative for the medical device companies to adopt a strategic approach to stay ahead of the innovation curve by leveraging technology advancements in multiple areas such as mobility, wireless, cloud, and analytics to drive innovation that addresses market needs and challenges of longer device development cycles, optimization of development processes, and high production costs.

At NovoZen Healthcare, we help our clients in designing customized devices, end-to-end product development, maintenance, manufacturing support, regulatory documentation, and product compliance and certifications.

Medical Devices Lab

NovoZen Healthcare has focused investments in setting up Medical Devices labs to drive technology development and delivery excellence in key areas such as Rapid prototyping, Tear down, Embedded Electronics, Mobile Compatibility Validation, etc. We also set up dedicated Labs for our clients thereby enabling seamless extension of their R&D team.

Medical Device Solutions and Accelerators

In order to accelerate the development and verification of medical devices, we have built multiple solutions and frameworks such as:

  • Remote Monitoring Solution for Hospitals and ICUs
  • Personal Care Devices Integration Solution
  • Change Based Regression Framework for reducing cycle time
  • Mobile Compatibility Validation Framework
  • Mobile Test Automation solutions
  • Digital Health and Monitoring Solution

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