Putting quality in the fast lane

Success in the digital era requires enterprises to achieve high quality at equally high speed. NovoZen Healthcare helps you achieve quality and speed as you reimagine your business, technology and customer experience.

As enterprises simplify, modernize and secure their legacy environments for the digital era, robust quality assurance (QA) is essential. Quality takes an end-to-end connotation and must straddle both legacy and digital systems.

NovoZen Healthcare Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A) is reimagining QA for you, employing an end-to-end ecosystem approach with intelligent and automated QA processes. In doing so, you gain quality and speed to promote faster business and technology change, as well as a better customer experience.

NovoZen Healthcare helps organizations implement and embrace Quality Engineering best practices, increase test maturity and boost test automation coverage to confidently develop and release applications and platforms into production or out to market faster.

Automation Testing

Automating the software testing process effectively reduces human intervention and minimizes the time, effort, labor and cost involved. With the ability to run multiple iterations of test scripts, businesses can yield quick and accurate performance results, automate regression testing, and see their way to a quicker product release.

Performance Testing

After defining performance and monitoring parameters, we do rigorous baseline, endurance, and load testing to determine potential snags in the system. Performance pitfalls directly impact user expectations and their loyalty towards the product and brand. Our exceptional, end-to-end testing services ensure that the glitches are fixed before the product reaches the end user.

Regression Testing

Regression testing ensures smooth upgrades and changes in a way that the existing quality of the system is maintained. Scenarios like bug fixes, enhancements, patches, new features, etc. can negatively impact the software. We run automated test cases, develop change reports, and perform risk analysis with extensive code coverage to pare down such issues.

Functional Testing

With the objective of providing optimal end-user functionality, behavioral testing of the software ascertains that bugs are spotted and fixed early on. Once the functional specifications and business scenarios are defined, various usability test cases are performed. The core functionality is validated and enhanced based on the output and user feedback received.

Security Testing

Software and system security is the cornerstone of customer loyalty and trust. Businesses can run into high-cost legal complications as a result of governance issues or data leakages. Our security testing expertise lies in identifying vulnerabilities and performing root cause analysis to create robust systems that are protected from malicious software and security breaches.

  • Higher maturity levels: Shift left at the core of our philosophy
  • Closer collaboration teams: Nearshore Agile testing teams with optimal communication and quick delivery
  • Faster releases with continuous testing and DevOps enabled
  • Intelligent test automation to boost productivity and reduce testing efforts
  • Break through enterprise barriers: Quality Engineering fully aligned with development

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